Introducing Araks to JP Online Boutique

We’re very excited to add another gorgeous lingerie brand to Jeanne Pompadour’s Online Boutique – say hello to Araks! With its super luxe fabrics, high quality and great fit, we hope it will become another favourite brands of yours.

About Araks:

A Parson’s graduate, Araks Yeramyan began her career at J. Crew, but in 2000 the young designer struck off on her own and launched a six-piece capsule collection of lingerie.

“I had never designed lingerie before. It was something I knew I could manage and I went for it,” admits Yeramyan. “I knew from the start what I wanted. I only wore cotton basics from established brands like Hanro, so I decided to create the brand I could never find: an all-cotton lingerie line that incorporated effortless silhouettes and a more sophisticated color sensibility.”

Although the New York-based line evolved quickly to include a ready-to-wear collection, loungewear and a soon-to-relaunch swimwear collection, Yeramyan’s color-driven design philosophy and tactile approach are still an intrinsic part of Araks’ design DNA.

Translated simply, the new collection of Namibia-inspired ready-to-wear and lingerie introduces a rich and contrasting range of colors which include everything from sumptuous nudes and tans to psychedelic pinks and greens. Yet, when placed together Yeramyan’s tones are surprisingly harmonious. It is this effortless, but unlikely, combination and Yeramyan’s uncompromising stance on quality that is responsible for Araks cult-like following. Araks admirers include Jenna Lyons of J. Crew and Gwyneth Paltrow—both of whom recently reached out for collaborations.

A strong believer in natural fibers, Yeramyan’s obsession for fabrics sends her to Italy, where she works with a trusted network of manufacturers. “It’s important to maintain tight connections with the people that you work with and see the new fabrics and effects that are out there,” says Yeramyan. “For the most part, all of our collections are either 100% cotton or silk. However, I have to admit I am a huge fan of polyester and the special effects it can produce, so sometimes I use it to get a certain look.”

With everything produced in New York and Staten Island, Yeramyan is able to oversee and work closely with her production team as well as her design team. The majority of Yeramyan’s production takes place in the historic Garment District where she works with a talented tailor network. Sewn by hand, each piece is the final result of experienced hands combined with thoughtful research and minimalist design.

Designing in a studio filled with bolts of silks, sumptuous cottons and endless lingerie samples, Yeramyan seems to have found a balance between comfortable and sexy—and it leaves a lasting impression. “I design lingerie the way I would want to be perceived and what I think of as sexy,” explains Yeramyan. “For me, Araks is very sexy because it embodies what I think lingerie should be: strong, feminine and demure. Not everyone is going to like my line, but that’s the point. It’s not for everyone.”

(Article Credit: Cool Hunting)

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