#GirlCrush: Sarah Stephens

Sarah, oh Sarah! It’s difficult to think of a more beautiful creation than Sarah Stephens in this world right now. With her perfect body and stunning face and hair, many top lingerie and swimwear brands wait in line to have a chance to work with this Australian beauty.

Few of us know that Sarah was only 16 when she won the ¬†Girlfriend magazine’s Model Search in 2006, and only 18 when she took part in the Victoria’s Secret show. Ever since she¬†has been on the covers of many magazines and¬†has been featured in editorial spreads in Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Australian editions of Vogue, as well as¬†Num√©ro¬†France,¬†Num√©ro¬†Tokyo,¬†Interview, Nylon, GQ etc.

She has graced the British luxury lingerie brand winter campaign a few years ago, and I was lucky enough to meet her and work with her during the shoot. I simply can’t express how funny and down to earth she is, very hardworking too and she never complains.

Sarah also continues to be the leading lady¬†on the ‘s online boutique, and the rumour is that every style she models becomes a best-seller. We’re not surprised!

We vote for Sarah Stephens to be the next Bond girl. In fact, we beg for it to happen ASAP!!

Enjoy the beauty x

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