4 High-Street Bras For Smaller Yet Wider Breasts

Sometimes I feel like the only woman in the world with a 32DD chest; this size is practically impossible to find, and often on the rare occasions I do find a pretty 32DD bra, the cut of the bra is all wrong (did I mention I’m also lucky enough to have genetically modified arms AKA bingo wings?)

Finding the perfect fit of bra can be as challenging as finding the perfect man, or even the perfectly fitted jeans, so as my mother says, when you find a style that fits, buy it in every color; job done!

Here’s a little collection of tried and tested 32DD bras for all you unpopular bra size warriors out there.  God speed!

Wonderbra’s £22.50 gel push-up bra gives smaller boobs a little squeeze and support in all the right places. Available in 4 classic yet fabulous colours.

This £20 Ann Summers sexy lace pink plunge bra has been an absolute Godsend; the cut works with low-cut tops and hides the extra flab between boob and arm to give a more model-esque body shape. It comes in 5 different colours (the below + white):



This £27 ‘OMG’ plunge bra by Ultimo adds at least a cup size, and looks and feels pretty wonderful.


This may surprise you, but the below black multi-way bra is one of the best fitting strapless bras I’ve ever had, and it was £5 from Matalan! The quality, as expected, isn’t great (one strap occasionally unhooks when worn as a normal bra), but the fit is perfect and it hides those ‘’tharms’’ so £5 well spent.


*By Sophie B


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